API Reference 2.0

VTT subtitles

Every outputs must be set inside the outputs key with each value being a Hash describing the output format and settings.

The vtt output is only available in private beta since API version: 2023-101


Generate VTT subtitles:

  "outputs": {
    "vtt": {
      "path": "/subtitle.vtt"


The path including the filename where the file will be uploaded. See Storage.
string Yes
If the given condition is false, the output won't be processed.
Logical operators we support are: < > <= >= <> != = AND OR NOT. See Conditional outputs.
string No
Will rename the output key which is sent in the notification payload. Very useful because you can change the output settings but the key name you get at the end will be unchanged. No code to update on your side.
string No

Getting access to the private beta

If you want to test this new feature currently in private beta, please contact us. We need your feedback!