API Reference 2.0



September, 2023

  • Add support for webp and webp_anim (animation in webp format). You will notice huge decrease of file size with a very good quality compared to JPG and GIF animations.
  • AWS S3 is now secure by default. You will get an https URL, so no need to use the secure option anymore.
  • Add new watermark position: center.

Breaking changes

  • Customize sprite generation with a number of image max per sprite file and the number of image per column. Depending on the number of images, it will be more optimized (file size and network bandwidth) to have many sprite images instead of one. sprite is no more a boolean, but an object.
  • Set the VTT filename vtt option takes an object as value instead of a boolean. The new object will let you customize the VTT filename.

2023-101 beta

April, 2023

  • Generate subtitles in VTT format
  • Generate a transcript, title, description, summary, hashtags and more from your videos with the new txt output (AI)

This release is only available in private beta. If you are interested in these features, please contact us


January, 2023

  • Add new crop option for video outputs. Crop manually by specifying "w:h:x:y" or "auto" for automatically removing black bars.
  • Add support for mathematic expressions for generating ultra dynamic outputs.
  • Input metadata are now accessible as variables inside the job config.
  • Fix HDR encoding, we now keep the original colorspace. Not supported by browsers, but compatible with every devices.


October, 2021

Enable ultrafast mode to speed up transcoding process. When enabled, the input video is split into chunks that are transcoded in parallel. Expect 5x speed compared to classic mode. Works for videos longer than 1 minute.


September, 2021

Add support for IPFS Pinning Services Pinata and Infura.

April, 2021

  • Config syntax changed to JSON. If you upgrade, you will no longer be able to create a new job with the old config syntax.
  • The API endpoint is starting by https://api.coconut.co/v2/.
  • Storyboard style images removed.
  • Builtin variables renamed from source_* to input.*.
  • We drop the dollar variable syntax to call a variable. Use {{ varname }} instead.
  • Webhook (Notification) structure completely changed.
  • notification Receive notification via HTTP or AWS SNS
  • storage Setup your storage service.
  • httpstream All encoding options are available for httpstream output: fit transpose vflip hflip duration offset watermark
  • httpstream default variants updated.
  • httpstream won't upscale by default. It means a 1080p video won't be upscaled to 4K.
  • httpstream Add support for HEVC. Works only with hlsfmp4 and dash.
  • images/gif Control how many scenes you want in a single gif and the duration of each scene in second. Create a more dynamic and pleasant animation preview for your users.
  • images/* New blur option available for jpg png and gif outputs.
  • formats Add support for fragmented mp4 via the option format frag. For example: mp4:1080p::frag